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 QCC - Quality Control in Construction

QCC - Quality Control in Construction provides clients high level QA management advice and mentoring, including technical,construction and contractual advice and staff training. QCC also offers trade based compliance and forensic audit reporting of project consultants, contractors,sub-contractors,suppliers and manufacturers.      

This service is offered to government agencies during the pre-construction and construction phases of public funded major projects in the State of Victoria, Australia.

In the area of compliance audits, QCC's audits reveal the stakeholder's (auditee's) level of contractual compliance at scheduled points on the project program.These monthly contractor/trade based audits and the conclusions drawn are offered to the project owner prior to the issue of any project progress payment.

The audits focus upon the verification and validation of trade package implementation,the validation of consultant inspection reporting, the application of trade based inspection test plans and any suspect subcontractor and or contractor programming activities.

The audit program, the audits and the reported observations encourage stakeholders' contractual compliance and discourage ambit claims and project litigation.

The audits and the reported observations give the project owner real-time project information that target the achieved trade quality in any one reporting period.It also reveals the trades' likely performance over the project's life and provides evidence to the project owner that would support the formulation and release of a progress payment.Moreover, QCC's contractor/trade based audits also provide verifiable information about the non-compliance of trade packages, and offers steps to achieve compliance,which when executed, will provide the project owner confidence that the expected project quality outcomes sought, will be achieved.

When project owners need timely and impartial reporting based upon the guidelines of ISO 9001 (the international standard for quality), whether its public-private partnership, design construct or construction management, they consider QCC.

Our service is based upon over 35 years of building industry experience, initially as architects and in the last twenty years as ISO 9001 quality assurance management consultants and construction auditors. Some of QCC's major clients include Victorian State government agencies such as Major Projects Victoria, Department of Justice Victoria and Alfred Health.

QCC has serviced a variety of projects, such as the County Court of Victoria,Baker Institute Alfred Hospital, State Archives Centre Victoria, Hisense Arena (previously known as the Vodafone Arena), the Commonwealth Games Village and Australia's only Synchrotron (Victoria) to name a few, with some  project values exceeding AUD $500 million in today's value.                       (For more information, please see Projects).

Moreover, Australia's largest construction companies, Multiplex Constructions P/L, Baulderstone Hornibrook P/L, Thiess Contractors P/L,Leighton Contractors , John Holland Constructions, LU Simon P/L, Australand and Walters Constructions P/L, have co-operated with QCC audits.

If you are considering committing considerable funds to a project and wish to have the type of consultant,contractor and trade specific accountability not provided by anyone else in the building industry and offer it to your stakeholders, shareholders or tax payers, consider QCC.

For more information, please contact QCC's principal at david.friedman@qcc.asia